“A thirsty bird can drink his fill from a river without causing the slightest change in the level of the stream. In fact, the river becomes even richer, having offered this Sewa (Selfless service) to the bird in the same way, generous donations to the charity will only increase your true wealth”.-Kabir Das (A great saint of India)

In the Aarti (daily prayer) devotees sing “O! Lord, nothing that I have is mine, everything is my possession is Thine. Therefore, whatever I am offering you today really costs me nothing. ”

Whatever we have today will be given away; it’s law of nature. Let us open our hearts and give with our own hands so the joy of giving is ours and not our inheritors.

Two of the greatest yagys are Daan (donation for noble cause) and Giyan (share Knowledge to the aspirant) Yagya. Together, they fill our lives with wisdom, devotion, love, peace, harmony and understanding. Then, from our own lives, these qualities radiate us like the ray of Sun. So lay your own brick for this noble cause.

The Ganges, the Gaya tri, the Gita and the Gau (Cow) are holy symbols worshipped by the Sanatan Dharma (eternal religion) since time immemorial. In the present times, cow respected as mother is crying for her protection and conservation.

One seed of wheat sowed in the fields come back to you in the form of 100 wheat, One seed of a mango sowed, gives back 100s of mangoes every year till the life of tree, similarly, one unit of donation may come back to you 100 times multiplied. This is the universe way of giving back, what is given to it in whatever form.

Even the holy Indian scriptures say that every household in the society must donate 10% of their income towards the charity, for the welfare of others. Alas! What the better way to do it, than the selfless service of old & downtrodden cows who cannot give back any material advantage in return. But what about the ever flowing blessings from this divine creature, ever revered by the holy saints & rishis & faithful devotees.

We appeal fervently to the people in India and abroad to donate liberally for the cause of service and protection of the Cow.

Satya Sewa Trust is an all India registered society under society registration act 1860 (21) In Indian constitutional act.

A little donation by you for Cows will earn a great merit for you.

Your contribution is eligible for deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Our motto is to save the Cow to save the Globe.

Yes, my family and I are proud to support the a Satya Sewa Trust. We contribute the following amount for preservation of the Cow.