(Based on Scientific and Spiritual Principles) [Yajurved Ki Rudrashthadhyai Bhagwan Shankarka Rudrabhishek]

SHIV is the benevolent Deity. Amongst the methods of his worship, ‘Rudrashtadhyai’ contained in Yajurveda, is also there. It is recited by the Brahmin Priests, during the Vaidic Deed (Path) for sprinkling water, over the idol of God SHIV, which is known as ‘RUDRABHISHEK’. In this Rudrabhishek, in the beginning ‘VINIYOG’ (Viniyog) is there. Then, ‘Rushyadinyas, Karanyas, Hradayadinyas’ are performed. After that, the meditation of Western Mouth (Paschim Mukh), North, South, East, mouths, and ‘Urdhwa Mukh’ of Lord SHIV, is carried out, reciting NAMAK- CHAMAK, as follows – “Gananathaha ……. Pravartate”. Then the meditation of the mother, is carried out “Ambe …………Vasinim”.

In Rudrabhishek, if only one priest is there, he sits with his mouth, to the East, and if many priests are performing it, they have to sit face – to – face, in all directions. The Lord GANESH is worshipped first. Then, the first chapter begins. The Verses in the first chapter, summon freedom, self-will, brilliancy, and proper knowledge. There is the resolve, to control the mind, by benevolent actions, and to become noble. A piece of wood, is placed in the centre of the wheel of the Chariot, and with its support, the wheel rotates properly. Similarly, Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharva-veda, are combined with the mind. The auspicious resolve of the mind, is repeated.

In the second chapter, there is remembrance of the vast strength of the Supreme Power. This Universe is created by the greatness of God. The land, substances, flying birds are also created by him. He is the support for generation of human-beings, animals on land, cows, cattle, etc. The mouths of that Alimighty, are AGNI. The Sky is created from his navel, Heaven from his head, the World from his feet, ten directions from his ears. He has produced all the Seasons. This animate and inanimate Universe, strengthened by the Sun, World etc., is also created by him. The God is active in this World. The Sun, Moon, and other Nakshatras, are supposed to be the open mouths, of the Supreme Power. In this third chapter, there is a glimpse of the qualities of the great Army Commander, and the strength of Wind, and the troop of INDRA. The fourth chapter describes, the reasons of producing all the substances, in the World, and the Sky, above the Rays of the Sun, which can be seen, from the Earth. The greatness of ASHWINIKUMAR (in twin sons of the SUN), Indra, Varun, Agni, Cloud etc. is also described. The greatness of SUN, is expressed thus : – “Aa……..Pashyan (Yaju. 33 – 43)”

In the firth chapter, the greatness of Army Commander RUDRA, is described. Rudra is a good doctor, and he is also the best form of yellow, red, and auspicious colours.

The Head of RUDRA, is Heaven. His blue throat is the Sky. SHIV, who uses weapons and missiles, like arrow etc., is also considered the protector of green trees, beasts, and leaves possessing yellow colours. SHIV is the creator of the exports in wood – carving, manufacturers of Chariots, and other vehicles, the artisans of the clay and iron, experts in Dog – training, and wild beasts like tiger etc. The Wealthy, Dharmatma, Justice, Protector, the All-knowing SHIV, holds different weapons in his hands, and moves about, holding VAJRA (Vajra), in his hand. He throws the arrows, in the form of Rain.

The sixth chapter states that, at first, the Almighty created VAYU (AIR). After that, AGNI was created. Then the water, which produces medicnes, and then the Rain, which produces life, in the embryo. The heart of RUDRA pleased AGNI, the foremost part of the heart, pleases Vidyut, and complete heart pleases PASHUPATI. The Deity is pleased by LIVER, the ‘Sarveshwar’ by MANYU (anger)., Mahadev by internal ribs; UGRADEV by bowels, chin, horns, and womb.

Schence in Rudrabhishek
It describes, how advanced was the Science, in Vaidic Period. The description given in chants, clearly indicates, how much Scientific Knowledge, even the common people had, along with the Sages, in every deed.

The seventh and eighth chapters, include the scientific attitude, and welfare, peace of the Universe. Now, we will consider, some scientific aspects, which were recited, by sages, serially.

“Sharir Vidnyan” (Physiology)
My Pran, Apan, meditation, smelling capacity, Mind, Swadhyaya, Speech, Eyes, Ears, Discretion, strength, Body, Shield, Bones, Joints, and all parts of my body, my life, all should be complete, by the Sacrifice.

“Manovidnyan” (Psychology)
My seniority, Supremacy, Mental and Physical anger, anxiety, greatness, success, all should be fulfilled by Sacrifice.

“Anna Vidnyan” (Science of Food)
My food, true speech, Milk, Juice, Ghee, Honey, Meals with brothers, drinking together, fruit production, should be fulfilled by Sacrifice.

“Krushi Vidnyan” (Agriculture)
My rice, wheat, horse-bean, Sesamum, Kidney-beans, Grams, ‘Lamlani’, small rice, lentils, should be complete by Sacrifice.

Science in Metals: – My stones, earth, small and big mountains, Sand, gold, iron, copper, tin, all should be fulfilled by Sacrifice.

PLANTS:- (Vanaspati) – My plants, Agni, Water, Creepers on trees, medicines, substances, produced in my field, substances produced without fields, substances in forests, etc., be fulfilled by YAGNA.

SPACE SCIENCE :- (Antariksha Vidnyan) – Agni, Vayu, Som, Indra, Savita, Vidyut, Speech, Mind, Soul, BRUHASPATI, Sky, Nakshatra, Moon, etc., should be kind, by Sacrifice.

SEASONS :- (Rutu Vidnyan – Barahamasa) – My six seasons, Samwatsar, Day, Night, month of ‘CHAITRA’, for foods, Vaishakh for Prosperity, ‘Jyeshtha’ for water, ‘Ashadh’ for agriculture, ‘Shrawan’ for residing in the House, ‘Bhadrapad’ for the heat of the Sun, ‘ASHWIN’ for being free from diseases, and delusion; ‘KARTIK’ for destroying delusion, ‘Margashirsh’ for happy life, ‘PAUSH’ for the House, ‘MAGH’, for becoming the Lord of the house; ‘PHALGUN’, the sovereign, should be kind, to produce food, rain etc.

ZOOLOGY :- (Prani Vidnyan) – The Science of rearing the beasts, (Pashupalan) helps in three ways. By the use of this Science, the female beasts, and bullocks, cows, goats, sheep, should produce more manures, and fuel, and be useful. The male and female beasts, who carry loads on their backs, the strong Bulls and Cows, the Cow that does not give milk, the Horses pulling the plough, carts, chariots, the milk-producing cows, should be beneficial, by the use of this Science.

MATHEMATICS :- (Ganit Shastra) – I should gain the knowledge of the following Mathematics, through the study in the School — The Numerals – 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,33 (ODD). The addition, subtraction, of two numbers. The multiplication, square root, cube-root etc. Apart from this, I should know, the even numbers – 4,8,12,16,.20,24,28,32,36,40,44,48 (difference of 4), and the Multiplication Tables of the figure 4, upto 12 times. Similarly, the Multiplication Tables, of all even numbers, should be learnt.

In the eighth chapter, of ‘Rudrashthadhyai’, there is the expression of the wish, for the welfare and peace of the whole World – O’ ‘Jaladevata’, just as the mother allows her children, to suck milk from her breasts, with affection, similarly, you feed us, your benevolent juice. It is state in the end of ‘RUDRABHISHEK’ : – “Om Dhyau …….Shantihi” /

MEANING :- Let the Heaven bestow peace, the Sky should endow peace, the World should give peace, the water should give peace, medicines, plants, all Deities, and Knowledge also, should bestow peace. There should be peace, everywhere, here and there, I should get the true peace. There should be mutual friendship, between those who hate me, and those whom I have. “Pashyem ….. Shatat”.

Thus, we realise, how much Scientific out-look, existed in Ancient Sanskrit Literature, and the sentiment “Udar ……. Kutumbakam” was prevailing.